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Sundry Items


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Adposters2-Webna.jpg (27026 bytes)
6 Advertising Posters Set 2

These would look great on the walls of a shop.  Each one measures approx 3.75cm x 5cm and is printed on card and covered with protective film.
  Products featured are: Pears Soap, Robin Starch, Spangles Sweets, Bisto, Camp Coffee and Lux.  




Adposters3-Webna.jpg (26786 bytes)
6 Advertising Posters Set 3

These would look great on the walls of a shop.  Each one measures approx 3.75cm x 5cm and is printed on card and covered with protective film.  Products featured are: Brylcreem, Golden Shred, Birds Custards, Cherry Blossom Polish, Ovaltine and Will’s Tobacco Flake.



Photoalbum-Webna.jpg (16115 bytes)
Photo Album

Here’s something to keep your doll’s holiday photos in.  This Photo Album measures 3.5cm x 2.5cm, it is made from card and has 5 pages in it.  The 6 photos you see (each 1.5cm x 1cm and printed on photographic paper) come with the album.  They are loose, so you can choose whether you want to put them in or not, maybe you have some photos of your own that you want to use.  The photos are also available in black and white; please state if you would like them in this format. 

Satchelc-Webna.jpg (20376 bytes)
Leather School Satchel

Here’s a useful addition to your schoolroom or child’s bedroom.  This traditional school satchel is made from brown leather, it measures approx 2.4cm x 3.4cm and has a long shoulder strap.  Please note that it does not open.  Each item is individually hand made so colours may vary slightly due to differences in the pieces of leather.



Briefcase-Webna.jpg (16880 bytes)

Black Leather Briefcase

Here’s something for the man in your house.  This traditional briefcase is made from black leather and measures approx 2.8cm x 4cm.  Please note that it does not open.


Assorted-Cards01-Webna.jpg (17980 bytes)

Set of 8 Assorted Greetings Cards

These 8 different Greetings cards are just right for your shop.  They are for ‘Wedding Day’, ‘Get Well’, ‘Wedding Anniversary’, ‘Easter’, ‘Mothers Day’, ‘New Home’, ’Baby Boy’s Birth’ and ‘Good Luck’.  Four measure approx 1.5 cm high x 1.2cm wide and four 1.5 cm high x 1 cm wide.  Inside each one is a suitable greeting and each has its own envelope. 

Pubmenus-Webna.jpg (21785 bytes)

Set of 4 Pub Menus

Have you got a Pub?  Then these are just the things for you.  Put one on each of your tables and let the dolls choose what they want to eat.  Lots of food is listed inside, there are no prices, so they would suit any time period.  Each measures approx 3cm wide x 2.3cm and folds into 3.


Stat-SetB-Webna.jpg (18583 bytes)

Stationery Set (Blue Cats)

This set would look lovely on your doll’s desk.  The wallet contains 6 sheets of pale blue paper with cat motif, each measuring 1.8cm x 2.5cm, and 6 pale blue envelopes.



Pubposters-Webna.jpg (25263 bytes)

Set of Advertising Posters for a Pub

These would look great on the walls of a pub.  Each one measures approx 3.75cm x 5cm and is printed on card and covered with protective film.  Drinks featured are: Campari, Guinness, Jack Daniels, Double Diamond, Martini and Black & White Whisky.


HolidaydocR-Webna.jpg (18710 bytes)

Holiday Travel Documents

Are the occupants of your house planning a trip to Europe?  This set includes 2 return tickets to Rome, 2 passports, a guidebook to Rome, an Italian phrase book and a folding city map.  Please note that the books and passports are non-opening.  Also available for Paris and Barcelona.

PhotopackBW-Webna.jpg (22548 bytes)

Set of Black and White Holiday Photos

Here we have 12 black and white photos (printed on proper photographic paper) just back from the developer and still in their pack.  Each photo measures approx 1cm x 1.5cm and there is a selection of views and family shots as shown in the picture.


Liquor_Chocs_Webna.jpg (17443 bytes)

Box of Liquor Chocolates
and Sweets

Here is a box of Cherry Brandy Liquor Chocolates, 9 chocolates in all, just imagine biting into them.  These are far too good for the children to eat so for them I’ve included 2 bars of chocolate and 3 assorted tubes of sweets (fruit pastilles, wine gums and mints).  The box measures 2.2cm square, the chocolate bars are 1.5cm x 0.8cm and the tubes are 1.1cm long. 



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