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1/24th Scale Items

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On this page you will find my range of 1/24th scale items, these will generally be miniature versions of my 1/12th scale things.   Hopefully if these prove popular I shall do some Christmas items later in the year.

If you see any 1/12th scale item that I haven't done a 1/24th scale version of and you would like one please email me here.

Click on each thumbnail to see a larger picture.  If you would like to place an order please click here for a printable Order Form.

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Familybooks24-Webna.jpg (20961 bytes)
6 Family Books Set (A)

Here is a set of books for all the family to use, DIY and Gardening for Dad, Cookery and First Aid for Mum and Card games and History for the children.  Each book measures approx 1.1cm x 0.6cm and has the title on the spine so it will show when stored on a shelf.  Please note these books do not open.


Draughts24-Webna.jpg (22999 bytes)
Draughts Set

This Draughts Set is just right for your children’s bedroom or playroom.  Maybe you have a toyshop to put it in or a pub.  The board measures approx 1.6 cm x 1.6 cm and folds in half to fit in the box along with the playing pieces. 


Adposters24-Webna.jpg (25993 bytes)
6 Advertising Posters Set 1

These would look great on the walls of a shop.  Each one measures approx 1.8 cm x 2.5cm and is printed on card and covered with protective film.  Products featured are: Jacob’s Cream Crackers, HP Sauce, Nestle’s Milk, Lyons Jellies, Shredded Wheat and Hovis.


Adposters224-Webna.jpg (24652 bytes)
6 Advertising Posters Set 2

These would look great on the walls of a shop.  Each one measures approx 1.8 cm x 2.5cm and is printed on card and covered with protective film.  Products featured are: Pears Soap, Robin Starch, Spangles Sweets, Bisto, Camp Coffee and Lux. 


Kcorkboard24-Webna.jpg (25173 bytes)
Kitchen Cork Notice Board

This notice board measures approx 2.5cm x 1.7 cm.  It is made of cork with a wooden frame and comes complete with a set of notices although you could always add your own if you wanted to.  Pop it in the kitchen or by the phone so that your dolls never forget their dental appointments or shopping lists. 


Nursery-Posters24-Webna.jpg (22116 bytes)
Set of Nursery Posters

These posters would look good on your nursery or schoolroom wall.  There is an Alphabet chart with different pictures for each letter, a Number Counting chart and one with all the Colours of the Rainbow.  Each measures approx 3cm x 2cm.  Also included is a Height chart so you can see how tall the children are growing.  This measures approx 5.5cm x 1cm.


Posters2401-Webna.jpg (22866 bytes)
6 Schoolroom Posters Set A

Here are 6 Posters for the wall in your child’s bedroom, nursery or schoolroom.  Each measures approx 2.5cm x 1.8cm.  There are maps of the UK and USA, Flags of the World and pictures of Dinosaurs, Wild Animals and Famous Landmarks. 


Jigsaw-Thomas24-Webna.jpg (25451 bytes)
Completed Thomas Jigsaw with Box

This jigsaw is a picture of Thomas the Tank Engine, it measures approx 2.5cm x 1.8cm.  Please note it does not break up into pieces.  The accompanying box has the picture on the lid.  Lovely for your children’s playroom or maybe it could be laid out on the dining room table.



Recordscl24-Webna.jpg (22711 bytes)
4 Classical LP Records
in Sleeves

Here’s a great addition to your doll’s house living room or music room.  Each of these record sleeves measures approx 1.5cm square and contains a cardboard ‘record’.  4 different classical composers are featured here, Vivaldi, Dvorak, Chopin and Tchaikovsky.


Toddler-Books24-Webna.jpg (27150 bytes)
6 Children's Books

Here is a set of early learning books for your nursery or children’s room, just right for Mum and Dad to read before bedtime.  These include Alphabet and Counting Books, Nursery Rhymes and Colours, a book of Fairy Stories and a book of Farm Animals.    Each book measures approx 1cm x 0.7cm.   Please note these books do not open.





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